About KSI Ventures
KSI Ventures is a seed venture company and accelerator operating in different areas: from biotech and pharma to VR/AR and neurotech. We help start-ups not only with funding but also enable global connections using our extended network. KSI Ventures brings to new-comers valuable expertise from scientists, entrepreneurs and industrial partners.
We want science to serve regular people in every time of their lives: to enhance physical and mental health wellbeing, to educate children with modern technologies, save lives in emergency cases, help people confined to bed to communicate with relatives and friends.

All technologies and products we support must be affordable and simple to use by everyone, age and ability should be no obstacle.

We invest in projects focused on providing services or tools, inspired by successes in neurotechnology, AV/VR, genomic studies or biotechnology.

Values & Criteria

Be authentic
All start-ups and projects we consider to support must be innovative.
Leader is a must
The team is essential, with be a leader who inspires all and drives the company forward.
Value of IP
Products should be unique and able to be protected.
We support only those teams that are result-oriented, hard-workers and focused on day-to-day success.
Explore market first
You must be confident that you solve problems efficiently and effectively.
Be on time
Everything changes. Nowadays even faster than ever. You should track your progress throughout the development stage until reaching a creative solution.

All companies are about people.
In venture industry it is even more critical.
Nikolay Savchuk
Prior to founding KSI Ventures, Dr. Savchuk held various business and research management positions in the IT industry with companies in Singapore and Russia. Since joining the company, he has held positions of increasing responsibility including Director of Information Technologies, and Director and Vice President of Business Development. Dr. Savchuk has a PhD in Physics and Mathematics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and has authored over 60 scientific papers.
Oleg Korzinov
Founder, Managing Partner
Mr. Korzinov has extensive experience in the areas of business management and drug development. He started his career at ChemDiv group in 2005, managing several vital interdisciplinary drug development projects in the areas of virology and oncology. Mr. Korzinov was also responsible for managing regulatory, financial, and business development in Russia. In 2010, he was appointed Executive Director of the Northern BioPharm cluster – a conglomerate of the leading Russian medical and pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and universities.

Operation Process
+ Team meeting

+ Idea valuation internally

Due Dilligence
+ Business model valuation and tuning

+ External expertise and valuation

Internal Investing
+ Legal paperwork

+ Investments

+ Post-investment control

+ Management support
External Partnership
+ Attracting external funding, incl grants

+ PR and GR support

+ New partners and external investors
BioPharmCluster "Northern"
The Biopharmaceutical cluster 'Northern' is an association of leading businesses of the Russian pharmaceutical and medical industries, think tanks, medical institutions, and small innovation-based enterprises. The Northern BioPharmCluster was created within the development strategy for the pharmaceutical industry in Russia covering the period until 2020 (Pharma-2020).
NeuroNet Union
NeuroNet is one of nine promising market tracks announced by state support program National Technology Initiative, which aims to develop required conditions for global technological leadership of Russia by 2035. According to NeuroNet`s road map, this direction represents technologies that provide mind-machine integration. The products of this industry can be applied for medicine, education, manufacturing and other fields. The volume of this market is expected to be 100 billion dollars by 2020 and 1.8 USD trillion by 2035.
RVC Seed Fund
RVC Seed Fund Ltd. (RVC Seed Fund) was established on October 22, 2009 in implementation of the Basic Provisions of RVC Strategy. RVC Seed Fund includes RVC (99,9%) and the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (0,1%). RVC Seed Fund is focused on investing in Russian innovative companies with high growth potential in domestic and foreign innovation and technology markets.