NEUROCHAT is a social network based on brain-computer interface technologies for people with severe speech and movement disorders. The system allows the patients to communicate with the family, medical staff and each other without any speech and movements.

NEUROCHAT contains a special tablet and a headset. The headset detects the electroencephalographic data and pass it to the tablet by Bluetooth. There the data transforms into the signals, which allow to type without any speech and movements.

Neurointerfaces without boundaries.
Neurotone has developed a cutting-edge system SleepAlert, which prevent cardrivers from sleeping at the wheel.

The system includes a smart cap and a wristband. The frontal part of the cap contains an inbuilt electrode, which receives data on your state of health, based on two methods: EEG and EMG. If the system fixs that the driver is going to sleep, the cap starts to produce sounds and the wristband vibrates.

It is very easy to use and doesn't require connection to a smartphone or other devices to operate.

BiTronics NeuroLab
The company develops hi-tech solutions for children education based on neurotechnologies.

Its main project is a children's building set Young NeuroDesigner. The toy broadens mind in Physics and Biology, forms basic skills about neurotechnologies.

The building set contains a complex of modules that fix brain and muscles activities and skin reactions; interconnecting lines; charger; learning books. The toy also connects to Lego Mindstorms EV3 that allows to operate your own robot.


It is an innovative device for visualization of superficial veins. VeinVis allows to find a vein for venipuncture and speed up the process of blood sampling or intravenous injection, and also make it less painful.

The device is accomplished by 32 SMD- light emitted diods that helps to find out even hardly visible veins. This is a peculiarity of burn patients, obese patients, children and elderly people

Thanks to small size VeinVis is easy to carry in a bag for curing patients at home and public places.

VeinVis is charged by micro-USB, the battery allows to do about 200 injections.

Genetic Diversity
The company is specialized in producing personalized nutritional plans and lifestyle recommendations NutriTest based on DNA-analysis.

The product is developed especially for obese people and clients looking for an optimal weight.

The plan making contains two stages. Firstly, genetic scientists research genes are in charge in metabolism and energy exchange. After that, nutrition specialists make a personalized diet and an exercise plan based on DNA-test.

Genetic Diversity labs are Russia, but the company also has partners in Germany and the USA.
The company is specialized in DNA-testing for genealogy and archeological researches.

Genealogy. DNA-Heritage uses modern scientific technologies and hi-tech outfit for uncovering maternal and paternal data collecting in a human DNA. After DNA-testing the person will get a map of the ancestors ' migration and the description of the generation.

Archeological researches. DNA-Heritage establishes the age and the location of the ancient bones and human samplings. The company has strong connection with Russian historic and scientific community.
The company has developed an innovative bracelet for insomnia correction Sonia. It helps to cope with often wake-ups during the night.

Sonia detects the beginning of non-REM sleep phase by using special scanning electrode installed on the backside of the bracelet. Then thanks to a patented algorithm, the device sends mild electrical pulses to another electrode. It allows to reduce a number of wake-ups.

The bracelet needs to be worn on the palm before going to sleep.

The startup develops interactive solutions for non-medical diagnostic and cure of psycho-neurological conditions, and also projects for rehabilitation.
Its chief product is a VR-platform for aerophobia diagnostic and cure. The platform was developed for people are afraid of airflights.

The VR-platform forms an atmosphere of flying that provokes aerophobia. Then a special diagnostic system is connected with the VR-platform indicates the body state of the patient. The system processes the data about health conditions, fixes the stages of anxiety by analyzing pulse rate, galvanic skin response, EEG-data and oral signals includes in Zung Anxiety Rating Scale.

The company produces an automatic external defibrillator AltDef. The device produces especially for helping people with a sudden heart attack in public places. AltDef is very easy in usage, you see all the instructions on the inboard display and you don't need a doctor consultation for helping people in the public places.

The device is always ready for use: energy gain time is no more than 10 seconds, the battery provides more than 120 discharges, the self-diagnosis program periodically checks the condition of the device. The device automatically analyses the ECG and, if necessary, give the command 'discharge'. If there is no need for de­fibrillation, the system will not allow to discharge avoiding a harm inflation on a patient.
LEKAREX produces materials and technologies for first aid especially for the patients with heavy bleeding.

The company has created an innovative technology for producing surgical dressing based on solid-body material Chitosan. The usage of that technology in surgical dressing helps to stop arterial and venous blood bleeding as quickly as it possible and without any harm for surrounding body tissues.

In the nearest future LEKAREX is going to supply Russian emergency services with the complex solutions.
Brain Beat
It is a noninvasive blood glucometer on the bases of bloodless and painless measurement of the optical absorption spectrum of glucose.

The device was developed especially for helping patients with diabetes mellitus. Brain Beat chief advantages are that it receives the data about glucose without a finger puncture; time for result obtaining is up to 20 seconds and there is no need to use extra consumable materials for measuring glucose.

Now the device is in the stage of developing. It is connecting with smartphones and computers via USB interface, Android and iOS app via OTG and audio interface.


It is an innovative startup that develops medical facilities for extracorporeal support of life.

The chief project of the company is therapeutic device for blood oxygenation that is specialized for helping patients with acute respiratory failure and flue sequela.

It oxygenates the blood cells and helps the organism to cope with the disease more effectively.
The company develops physical-chemical methods for food researching and makes preclinical trials of products. LABTECH cooperates with retail companies and official organizations for controlling the food quality.

The lab specialists look into the residue of pesticide in vegetables and fruits, antibiotics and colourant in different kinds of food sold in supermarkets.

All of the researches are provided in Moscow labs.

Institute for cellular and molecular technologies develops new medical solutions with the use of cellular products.

One of its chief project is a weakly immunogenetic biological cover for damaged skin. The technology was based on researches of transgenic pigs. The innovative development were approved by pre-clinical trials and now it is prepared to clinical trials.

Moreover, the startup is making a medicine for Hepatitis C therapy and the soft based on neural network technology which is going to be used in diagnostic and therapy of hepatology diseases.

Institute for cellular and molecular technologies is located in Moscow and has strong connection with US and German partners.